In response to contractor demand for a high-performance, budget-friendly underlayment, CertainTeed® has developed DryRoof™ SA. The underlayment is specifically designed to withstand high levels of moisture while providing contractors with ease of installation and the ability to offer manufacturer-backed extended roof system warranties.

The newest addition to CertainTeed underlayment products, DryRoof SA is lightweight and prevents water intrusion via watertight seals around fasteners and roof penetration points. Designed for use with asphalt shingles, this cost-conscious and self-adhering underlayment features a split-release backing, allowing for speedy and secure installations.

DryRoof SA is specifically engineered for use as a wind-driven rain guard along eves, roof penetrations and valleys. It is UV-exposure resistant for six months, adheres well to most surfaces, offers excellent elasticity and has a slip-resistant sand surface to reduce the risk of falls. The underlayment can be used to cover an entire roof deck, as it serves as a valley liner, water penetration defense and wind-driven rain guard. DryRoof SA is currently available in the Southeast, South Atlantic, and South-Central regions of the United States.

DryRoof SA Details:

  • Weight per roll: 45 pounds
  • Roll area: 195 square feet
  • Roll length: 65 feet
  • Roll width: 36 inches
  • Rolls per pallet: 33

DryRoof SA meets the following applicable code requirements standards:

  • ICC ESR-1492
  • ASTM D1970, D2523, D903, D2104, D4073, E96
  • Florida Product Approval #30046
  • Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance
  • CSA A123.22
  • UL 790: Classified for use as an underlayment beneath Class, A, B, or C fire rated shingle systems.

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