If you have been in roofing more than five minutes you know running a roofing company is tough.

Let us discuss not only things that will free up some of your time, but give you some peace as well. 

Today’s roofing company has to be so much different than just five years ago. If you want to run a successful roofing company in 2021 you absolutely must have a roofing CRM. 

You heard me say roofing CRM, not just any CRM. 

Many people try to throw together a CRM and start selling it to roofing companies. 

CRMs that have been in business less than one year. 

Do you really trust your data to someone that has not even been around one year?

You want a CRM that has been around for years and runs successful roofing companies.

Small companies to roofing companies doing millions, this is how a CRM gets tested. 

This might sound crazy, but many CRMs handle just one thing… like maybe the sales team.

What about production? 

There is much more to running a roofing company than making a sale.

Many roofing companies that have crews come to their office and pick up a work order. 

You need a CRM that even your crews can open and use. Crews need to be able to view the work order, a picture of the house, what shingle should be on the roof and never come to the office for this. 

The Things That Matter

Some of the things that you need to make sure your roofing CRM does!

Manage leads from appointment set, to contract, to ready to build the roof. Then be able to invoice the client and ask for referrals and reviews. 

This sounds obvious but many (so called) roofing CRMs handle just one thing or maybe two or three.

You need a start to end roofing CRM, one to manage your roofing company from lead to newsletter.

What About The Money?

Once you sell the roof you have to collect the money and you need to know how much money you made. 

You need a roofing CRM with an accounting section that will break down each deal for your profit.

But this is only one part, what about your material returns? You need to manage those, there are thousands of dollars each month just in returns. 

What about risk photos?

You need to be able to quickly and easily take and upload risk photos on each job. 

What About the Client?

What about files to and from your client?

What about communication with your client before, during and after the job?

You need a CRM with an easy to use client portal, this will make you look more professional. 

In the client portal your clients should be able to sign documents, view documents and photos, see when their roof will be installed, see the salesman’s name- and this is just scratching the surface on what your client wants and needs!