Cotney Consulting Group (CCG) has recently launched another program, COO on Demand, to help benefit roofing contractors on a global scale. Cotney Consulting Group offers a wide variety of comprehensive consulting services designed to help roofing companies overcome obstacles by using their 65 years of real-world experience in the roofing industry.

While working with roofers, Cotney Consulting Group realized that many of them have not been able to afford a full-time Chief Operating Officer (COO), so CCG came up with a solution by offering COO services on demand. COO on Demand provides contractors their own outsourced Chief Operating Officer as a more affordable alternative to their company’s short- or long-term operating needs. 

COO on Demand is designed for new companies, companies struggling to stay competitive in their current market, and companies who are looking to expand into new markets. New clients in this program start with a two-day session with the CEO of Cotney Consulting Group, John Kenney, to assess the state of the business, analyze current company processes, and determine future goals. At the end of the two-day assessment, Cotney Consulting Group will outline a plan tailored to your business to meet your company’s objectives.

Cotney Consulting Group’s COO on Demand offers a variety of benefits, such as coordinated work with the CEO to manage all operations activities, oversight and review of management and staff operations, and budgeting and forecasting for operational needs. COO on Demand will provide flexible support within each service level. Whether you are a brand-new business, need to stay competitive, or want to expand into new markets, you will have your own unique and personalized services customized to your business’ needs. 

The three levels of the COO on Demand Service are: Launch, Upgrade, and Expand. The Launch level is geared towards companies in the infancy stage and includes components vital to the start-up of a business, such as creating and reviewing your business plan, determining policies and procedures, and developing operational structure. The Upgrade level is designed for companies that are struggling to stay competitive and will help them restructure and align operational processes and procedures, technology needs, and corporate culture. The Expand level is intended for companies that want to grow into new markets. Services of this level include enhancing your executive team with objectives and key results (OKR) training, implementing a market expansion strategy, and an in-depth analysis of revenue, cashflow, and projected growth.

“I started out as an apprentice at my family’s roofing business and have since experienced how to excel at each level within the industry. In order for a business to succeed, they must iron out their operations with their COO. Unfortunately, not all businesses can afford a COO, so Cotney Consulting Group’s solution, COO on Demand, can help mitigate that issue by helping businesses lay their foundation, remedy problems within the company, and set foot in new territories,” said John Kenney. 

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