SUMTERVILLE, Fla. — Eagle Roofing Products has committed to expanding the company's footprint in the state of Florida through its subsidiary, Eagle Roofing Products Florida LLC.

Eagle Roofing Products Florida announced that it has engaged a national commercial real estate firm to locate the ideal property for its second Florida manufacturing plant.

"After much thought, we have decided to start the process of locating land suitable for a two- or three-line production plant that will serve the West Coast of Florida and supply concrete roof tile to our new Palm Beach stocking yard," said John Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing. "We have provided our agent with specifications and the ideal location between Arcadia and Immokalee, preferably close to Interstate 75. Our ability to re-commission dormant production equipment from our California facilities ensures that our second plant could be fully operational within 12 months."

Since Eagle's expansion into Florida in 2006, the company has grown steadily and has earned a reputation as the company of choice for roofing contractors, builders and distributors throughout Florida and the Eastern Seaboard. Its devotion to service, ease and high-quality products has prompted the company to enhance its operations over the last 14 months and announce the construction of its new Palm Beach warehouse and stocking facility, as well as a building expansion and the addition of a new production line at its Sumterville (North Florida) plant.

"This commitment to additional production capacity in Florida mandates that we expand our focus on growing our industry by continuing to convert temporary asphalt shingle roofing to concrete tile roofing," said Tyler Allwood, Eagle's director of business development. "Our industry has a great story to tell that low end, builder grade roofing products cannot compete with. Asphalt shingles simply cannot compare to the energy efficiency, resale value, permanence and curb appeal that concrete tile roofs have to offer."