The first season of CBS’ new reality competition “Tough as Nails” has wrapped up, proving to America that people like drywallers, veterans and roofing contractors are among the hardest workers out there.

Among the contestants competing was Linda Goodridge, a former deputy sheriff jailer and roofing contractor with Long Construction in Rochester, N.Y. RC Publisher Jill Bloom and Managing Editor Chris Gray chat with Goodridge about her performance on “Tough as Nails” and how the show inspired her to find happiness in a new career as a roofer.

Hosted by Phil Keoghan of “The Amazing Race," "Tough as Nails" puts 12 hardworking Americans in competitions of strength, endurance, agility and mental toughness in challenges that take place in the real world. They are eliminated one by one until a winner is crowned, earning $200,000 and a brand-new pickup truck Unlike other shows, no one goes home after they "punch out." Instead, they remain on teams of six to compete for cash prizes.

If you missed the show or haven't had a chance to catch up, all 10 episodes are available at CBS' website.

Interview contains spoilers for “Tough as Nails” season 1.