In the past month, Tesla has not only posted more jobs for its Solar Roof operations in the U.S., but is potentially looking to expand into Canada.

Tesla’s career page shows it’s seeking two positions in Toronto, Ontario, as of Sept. 1: Lead Solar Roofer and Solar Roofer. The first position requires extensive knowledge of PV equipment and roofing work in order to complete the installation and maintenance of energy products in Canada.

The latter position calls for at least six months of roofing experience to become a member of Tesla’s energy field operations team.

These positions could be related to the international expansion that Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at earlier this year in a series of tweets. As MobileSyrup points out, though, these positions don’t clarify Tesla’s plans for its energy operations in Canada.

Additionally, the jobs don’t specify whether they’ll deal in Tesla’s Solar Roof product, its more traditional solar panels, or both. Tesla’s Solar Roof is marketed as a replacement for traditional roofs and solar panels by installing durable glass roof tiles that have integrated solar technology to power the homes they shelter.

The jobs are in addition to positions Tesla has posted as recently as yesterday, with the new positions located in California, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and Missouri. Other jobs are located throughout the country, including a lead solar roofer in Hawaii.

This massive influx of job postings suggests Tesla is ready to make a push with its Solar Roof, its signature energy product that is now on Version 3 as of last fall. In its Q2 report, the company boasted it tripled the number of Solar Roof installations, though specific numbers weren’t provided. During Tesla's Q2 call, Musk said he expects solar will only "get better" as 2020 progresses.

“In order to achieve a sustainable energy future, we have to have sustainable energy generation, which I think is going to primarily be solar,” said Musk.