BELLEVUE, Wash. — EagleView and GIS solutions is in the air capturing ultra-high-resolution Reveal™ aerial imagery following Hurricane Laura. The hurricane made landfall on Aug. 27 as a strong Category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 mph.

With a data library of over 1 billion aerial images, EagleView's customers in local government, insurance and residential construction can rapidly review changes between pre- and post-event imagery to fully understand the storm's impact. In the public sector this is essential for rebuilding efforts. Independent insurance adjusters and contractors use EagleView imagery to assist homeowners and businesses with their recovery efforts.

"Initiating high-resolution image capture immediately following the storm enables a more accurate and all-encompassing view of the damage below," said EagleView COO Jay Martin. "Using both fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (drones), EagleView's disaster response fleet is able to capture industry-leading aerial imagery quickly and effectively, providing the most detailed look at the areas most affected by the storm."

With its patented Reveal image portfolio, EagleView's imagery is over 70 times more detailed than satellite images and up to four times more detailed than standard aerial imagery. This unprecedented level of clarity ensures customers have a clear view of what is happening on the ground without having to set foot in potentially dangerous areas.

"We provide our customers with the data they need to begin the rebuilding process," said Martin. "By closely monitoring the storm and the airspace in its aftermath, we are able to take to the air first, allowing us to serve our customers most efficiently in their time of need."

EagleView will continue its response until all areas of interest have been captured.

For more information about EagleView's post-event image capture process following Hurricane Laura, please contact Annette Hamilton at or Susan Millerick at