METALCON officials announced the much-anticipated METALCON 2020 convention has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the METALCON website, as of Aug. 7, event officials decided to cancel METALCON 2020, scheduled for Oct. 21 to 23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and mandates by the state of Nevada. In a video, Frank Stasiowski, METALCON co-founder in partnership with the Metal Construction Association, said event coordinators are pivoting their focus to next year’s METALCON.

“What everyone wants is for this virus to go away. We all want our sports teams back, we all want out bars back, our restaurants back, our ability to meet together,” Stasiowski said. “But the truth is, we can’t have that right now. We must respect that truth, and we must do the things necessary to keep ourselves safe.”

METALCON 2021 will take place Oct. 6-8 in Tampa, Fla., at the Tampa Convention Center. Registration is open for next year’s event, and those who picked up the total experience registration for the 2020 event can seek a refund or have their registration forwarded to METALCON 2021.

“We’re going to create the most terrific show to get us all back together physically in Tampa, Florida,” Stasiowski said.

In the meantime, the METALCON team is working on three new initiatives to continue its mission of promoting the use of metal in design and construction and to boosting businesses in the industry. The first is a safety certification program that will lead into an annual credential for every participant who passes the test.

The second is a METALCON business diploma program featuring education and training that covers all aspects of business. The program will consist of virtual and live seminars held once a month that, when completed, earn participants a certificate given at METALCON.

The third initiative will be enhancing its existing METALCON Live! program with the latest information and news from industry leaders.

Last year's METALCON, held in Pittsburgh, Pa., showcased more than 200 companies, debuted CONTECH — an interactive and innovative hub showcasing the hottest trends in construction technology — and an all-women panel held by National Women in Roofing

Visit the METALCON website for more information.