JENKINTOWN, Pa. — NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling aims to foster trust, tangible good will and empower the people it serves with the establishment of its NexGen Opportunity Foundation.

"NexGen is an organization established around a core belief of providing long-lasting and far reaching contributions and because of that we developed the NexGen Opportunity Foundation. The foundation will allow us to serve our customers in a much higher capacity," said Andrew Levin, co-founder, business development and operations.

Levin said as the organization grew, its purpose grew as well, and it was able to bring its cause and beliefs to life. He said the company is about more than simply being paid and moving on to the next job — it aims to satisfy its customers' immediate wants and needs through remodeling services, but also directly and positively impact their lives and communities.

"What we do at NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling is build strong, personal relationships and utilize our remodeling services as the platform to support our commitment to giving back in a very impactful way, " said Levin.

NexGen developed the foundation to complement the benefits its services already provide. Each year, NexGen will select a customer whom it did a project for that year, take a portion of its revenue, then put it directly toward paying down the customer's student loan debt. If the customer doesn't have any student loans, then that relief goes to somebody close to them who they can nominate.

"We developed this program because, for us, this is bigger than just remodeling and our satisfaction and pride in what we do comes from the additional fulfillment, security and opportunity we can provide to those we serve, by helping solve problems and relieving burdens,"  said Jesse Bator, co-founder, service delivery and sales at NexGen.