CONCORD, Va. — What would you do if you won the lottery? For roofing contractor Mike Robertson, the answer was giving someone in need peace of mind.

ABC-affiliated WSET-TV reports that Robertson won a $1 million jackpot from a Virginia Lottery scratcher he purchased at a convenience store, which he cashed on Feb. 25.

“I thought I scratched the wrong number because it said a million dollars so I double checked everything and it sure was the right number,” Robertson told WSET.

Not long after winning, Robertson received a call from homeowner LindaAnn DeWillers to place tarps on her roof to prevent further damage to her home. The roof has been leaking for more than five years, but DeWillers is in hospice care after suffering six heart attacks, so a DIY job was not an option.

Robertson, who according to, owns Mike Robertson Home Repair, has been a roofer since 2007 in the Virginia area. After tarping DeWillers’ roof, he knew something had to be done, so he stepped up.

“Recently I had good luck, so I figured I'd pass it on,” he said.

Robertson contacted Rempfer Roofing to see how he could help. The company decided to donate all the labor for the project while ABC Supply Co. Inc. donated the materials. Robertson paid for the job, though he noted he hadn’t received the bill as of March 10.

“I feel now safe and secure, whereas before I didn't know if I could stay here,” DeWillers told WSET. “For that reason I am happy to be in my house.”