OKLAHOMA CITY — Building Research Systems (BRS) has commissioned static tooling fixtures to manufacture, stock and sell its Module Clamp Kits at its Edmond, Okla. location to meet demands.

BRS’ Module Clamp Kit is a patented hand tool kit that incorporates a Module Clamp, an alignment bar and three aluminum T-bar Spacers designed to hold panel modularity during panel installations. BRS developed and patented this installation tool kit for all license holders along with installers that can utilize them.

BRS learned from several license holders that these kits were no longer available due to exhausted supplies related to difficulties in part manufacturing. As a result, BRS now has a production jig that will allow for the creation of consistent and high-quality kits and parts while ensuring the tools will be readily available for immediate purchase.

Module Clamp Kits are ideally suited to pull seam portions of the corrugation into proper alignment ahead of the seamer. The kits work well on roofs that have numerous panel laps, long runs, and thick blanket insulation systems using extended standoff clips. BRS recommends the use of the tool kits on any TS-324 roof shipment.

All kit orders will be shipped within 48 business hours after receipt of order, payment and shipping directives. Contact BRS at 405-607-8877 or email therren@brsusa.com or crodden@brsusa.com to purchase an innovative panel alignment tool kit.

For Module Clamp Kit rental options, contact Quality Roof Seamers in Olive Branch, Miss. at 662-895-1222 or visit www.qualityroofseamers.com.