What’s on the home improvement horizon for 2020? Coping with climate extremes, getting creative and achieving better, longer-lasting performance that adds more ROI for the home improvement dollar are all top of mind for American homeowners this year, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA).

As the leading nonprofit organization representing the residential metal roofing industry, the MRA has a strong pulse on what’s driving major exterior home improvement purchasing decisions for today’s homeowners. In 2020, the MRA reports that the top five key style and performance trends will include: 

Trend #1: Show of Strength

Toughening up a home’s exterior to prepare for climate extremes isn’t just a necessity, it’s a trending style for 2020. Delicate detailing is out, while the use of heartier exterior features that offer an almost “fortress-like” feel and are meant to show off a home’s rugged resiliency are more popular than ever. That includes hefty exterior accents like columns and the use of strong natural materials such as stone, concrete and metal roofs. Metal roofs designed to mimic slate are especially on trend, helping homes achieve a substantial, natural look while delivering serious, low-maintenance and reliable performance.

Trend #2: Mix & Match

For a one-of-a-kind, custom look, homeowners are looking to their roofs as a canvas for creativity. The use of mixed metal color, styles and even mixed mediums is trending this year. That includes metal roofing accents, such as using metal to accentuate dormers or porch overhangs, and choosing not just one solid color, but mixing and matching from the huge range of shades available for metal. 

Trend #3: Save by Zero

Net Zero homes are those deemed so energy efficient, they produce as much renewable energy as they consume, and for 2020, they are all the rage. Their ability to save and produce energy saving isn’t the only thing driving the demand: Net Zero homes also are typically designed to be more protected and durable. Quality metal roofs are ideal for homeowners who want to go Net Zero, because they offer a longer-lasting and more secure base for solar systems, are exceptionally energy efficient and they reduce waste – they are recyclable at the end of their long life. Using metal roofs designed to reduce environmental impacts and stand up to climate extremes such as wildfires and damage from hail and high winds also makes them a better, long-term investment.

Trend #4: Hi-Fi Contrast

Bland roofs designed to simply blend in are so early 2000s. Today, homeowners are using bold metal colors to help boost the curb appeal of their homes and accentuate unique styles. According to the latest MRA homeowner survey, metal is the second most popular roofing choice, highly prized for its style and design. Homeowners are highlighting their beloved metal roofs with colors that call attention rather than camouflage them.

Trend #5: Sky’s the Limit

Natural light is a major selling point for today’s homes. With their ability to capture up to 30% more light than standard windows, skylights help brighten up spaces that feel dark or cramped. Contrary to some myths, metal roofs can easily accommodate skylights, just as well as or even better than other types of roofs given that metal is a strong, durable material that inherently protects against leaks when properly installed. Since a quality metal roof can last up to 50-plus years and skylights can’t be added as an after-thought, it’s important to plan ahead and consider whether or not to incorporate skylights well before a new roof goes on.

According to the MRA, metal roofing is an idea whose time has finally come in the U.S. and Canada. Having been used historically and adopted by homeowners in many other parts of the globe for hundreds of years, metal is now very much trending in North America as one of the most popular roofing materials.