Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. announces that Polyflex® G APP granulated cap sheet for heat-welded applications now feature patented FASTLap® technology.

Designed for significant labor savings and easier installs, FASTLap is a granule-free end lap that allows for a more reliable seal at roll-end.

FASTLap technology makes Polyflex® G unlike any other heat-welded granular cap sheet available today. With no granules to remove at end laps during install, Polyflex G with FASTLap adheres quicker and the result is a stronger, watertight roof system.

Polyflex G is an APP modified bitumen roofing membrane specially designed for heat-welded applications. With superior polyester reinforcing, Polyflex G provides an exceptionally durable roofing solution with long-term weathering performance. Polyflex G can be used for new roofing, reroofing, recover, flashing, or used as part of a multi-ply system.

“By enhancing Polyflex G with FASTLap technology, we provide roofers with a durable solution that improves on installation process, saves time and reduces labor cost,” said Polyglass CEO Natalino Zanchetta. “We are committed to innovating smarter roofing solutions.”

Polyglass offers Polyflex G in 10 granulated surface colors, including white, buff, chestnut and oak.

For more information about Polyflex G APP granulated cap sheet, visit polyglass.us.