FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — iRoofing LLC, a South Florida-based software development company, announced the release of its newest innovation for roofing contractors: a full-featured Android phone app.

“We already have many contractors who are using our technology on iPads and Android tablets. From satellite imagery, they can calculate everything right down to how many nails they’ll need and it only takes them minutes,” said Daniel Meridor, co-CEO of iRoofing. “Now with our phone app, all the technology is right in their back pocket.”

Since 2012, the software company has made it possible for thousands of roofing contractors to leverage the capabilities and convenience of intelligent technology with its tablet-driven app. The app makes it easy to perform project assessments and estimates remotely using satellite, aerial and drone technology.

IRoofing states its app mitigates the need for tasks traditionally performed manually on-site. The technology reduces inaccuracies and waste, removes the physical risks inherent in conventional pre-construction processes and enhances transactions across the ecosystem, including convenience and satisfaction by the consumer.

In addition, iRoofing consolidates all major manufacturers’ products and enables contractors to place material orders with their distributor using the mobile app. By purposefully orchestrating the roles of the contractor, manufacturer, distributor and property owner, iRoofing has gained the reputation as a transformative force within the construction sector.

“High-tech tools like ours, geared to specific tasks of construction specialists, are now beginning to emerge. The opportunities to serve people in construction trades are largely untapped,” Meridor said. “We’re brainstorming on solutions now which are equally well-suited for other construction verticals.”

Consumer Benefits

The new Android phone app by iRoofing enables property owners free access to the industry’s largest digital resource for roofing materials. Using their phones, they can now pick out preferred asphalt shingles, tiles, slate and any other roofing materials available in their area and share those preferences with their contractor who. In turn, the contractors can create a virtual roof simulation on an image of the client’s home, quickly formulate an accurate estimate and order the materials from local distributors.

This robust in-app capability, along with real-time customer management, enables contractors to serve 21st-century consumers in ways that exceed their expectations and build confidence and satisfaction around their home improvement projects. 

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