Leaf Solution has added 7-inch Xtreme Gutter Guards to its product mix of 5-inch and 6-inch for residential or commercial installation. Xtreme features .42 stainless-steel mesh to block all debris from leaves to pine needles, from oak tassels to shingle grit to pollen, yet allows water to flow freely into the gutter. A durable substrate backing reinforces the mesh horizontally and vertically from stretching or sagging and simplifies installation.

Components are assembled with a patented hemming process that prevents separation. Engineered to outperform and outlast any comparable gutter guards, Leaf Solution Xtreme has a 20-year transferable warranty and is made in the U.S. Available for fascia or under-shingle mount, mill silver or black.

For more details, call 885-996-2326 or visit leafsolutionusa.com.