GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — National Nail’s STINGER, its leading brand for roofing tools, cap fasteners and underlayment, has partnered with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS®) FORTIFIED Home™ program, specifically highlighting the STINGER NailPac®.

The NailPac (1-inch plastic collated caps and 1-inch by .083-inch stainless steel ring shank nails for securing underlayment) seals out moisture and provides superior holding power in up to 150 mph hurricane-force winds.

Because of its performance, NailPac meets the standards required of a FORTIFIED Roof™—a level of protection in the FORTIFIED Home program that ensures water will stay out of the house in the event of severe weather. As a program, FORTIFIED Home aims to protect and strengthen homes to reduce the risk of property damage and financial loss by going beyond standard building codes.

“Contractors who build stronger, more resilient homes provide their homeowners with the best protection from high winds and heavy rains. We are excited to see manufacturers like National Nail respond to contractor needs and develop products like their STINGER NailPac to make building to the FORTIFIED Roof standards easier than ever,” says Fred Malik, managing director of FORTIFIED Products. “By providing FORTIFIED-compliant, corrosion-resistant nails and eliminating the hassle of hand-driving button-cap nails, roofers can more quickly deliver stronger roofs for homeowners.”

STINGER NailPac is designed for exclusive use with the STINGER CN100B Cap Nailer. The CN100B is an innovative and versatile pneumatic tool that was engineered to make securing underlayment easy. Each 2,000 count NailPac — which includes 10 reels of 200 1-inch plastic collated caps and 10 coils of 200 1-inch by .083-inch 304 stainless steel ring shank nails — will cover approximately 25 square feet dependent on installation instructions and/or building code requirements.

STINGER also offers the CS150B Cap Stapler and StaplePac® (1-inch plastic collated caps and five-eighth-inch, seven-eights-inch, 1 1/4-inch, and 1 1/2-inch 18ga staples) for installing housewrap and foam board.

“We are honored to be one of the select brands to partner with FORTIFIED Home,” said Roger Szotko, STINGER Product Manager, National Nail. “The approval from FORTIFIED Home confirms that NailPac makes the installation of roofing underlayment easy for contractors, and it ensures strong protection against the elements.”

Not all homes built using STINGER NailPac will qualify for a FORTIFIED Home designation. Homes require compliance with all FORTIFIED Home technical requirements and additional inspections. For more information, please visit

To learn more about the CN100B and NailPac please visit or call 1-800-746-5659.