CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — KNAACK has introduced the KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK-01.

The new product expands the KNAACK Safety Kage product line, combining the organization of the original model with added mobility and protection.

“At KNAACK, we create all of our products with an emphasis on security, maximizing productivity on the jobsite for users,” said Mike Bykowski, Director of Product Management, Truck and Job Site. “That’s why we’re proud to release the newest model of the KNAACK Safety Kage, designed for aerial mobility and increased weather protection.”

The KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK-01 incorporates feedback directly from construction professionals and safety directors, with several new features. The new model features a four-point crane lift capability to enhance the mobility of the unit. Now, it can efficiently be hoisted across a jobsite and from deck to deck, saving professionals time and energy.

 This model is based off the platform of the original KNAACK 139-SK Cabinet. Given the fully-enclosed, solid body panel construction, it enables the end user to keep crucial fall protection and safety gear equipment protected from harsh conditions. In addition, a ventilated door has been incorporated for fall protection storage.

 The KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK-01 provides maximum security against theft 24 hours a day and distinguishes the product from all other storage units on the market. The original KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK model was released in May, 2018, with an industry-first design. The three-section unit prioritizes organization to keep gear accessible and is easy to find on the jobsite. The neon green color stands out as a high visibility identifier for workers to locate in the event of an emergency. The exterior of the cabinet offers quick access to highly used safety gear like a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and eye wash station. Inside, it features shelves for items such as hard hats and vests, and hooks to hang fall protection harnesses. This eliminates scratches, abrasions and water damage to any of the PPE Gear.

The KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK-01 is now available nationally. For more information, visit