Boral Roofing - MetalSeal 1IRVINE, Calif. — Boral Roofing is proud to announce its MetalSeal Underlayment, a high temperature self-adhered underlayment designed especially for metal roofing but suitable for any roof material in any climate.

A high-performance waterproofing material, Boral MetalSeal underlayment provides all season durable protection, protecting the structure against wind, rain, snow and ice dams by bonding to the base sheet or directly to the roof deck and self-sealing around every fastener penetration.

Boasting easy installation, Boral MetalSeal eliminates the need for an excessive number of nails, reducing installation time and cost. Great surface traction also enables safer, faster and easier installation for the entire roof. The high strength woven polyester surface remains intact under high foot traffic and provides UV resistance up to six months.

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