HERNDON, Va. — Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. has introduced enhancements to its ecommerce platform, Beacon Pro+. 

According to the company, new features include automated order workflows, Beacon Track delivery notifications and a strategic integration with project management software, JobNimbus.      

“We are dedicated to helping our customers save time, managing their work more efficiently and enhancing their business,” said Eric Swank, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Beacon Roofing Supply. “Beacon Pro+ is the industry’s most robust online platform tailored to the needs of the professional contractor.  These enhancements help Beacon’s hardworking customers gain a competitive edge by providing 24/7 access to the functionality and information that enables them to work smarter and faster in today’s competitive environment.”    

Beacon Pro+ new enhancements include:

  • Automated order workflow:  This functionality enables customers to create a customized process for ordering and approvals. This streamlines the ordering process and allows contractors and their sales teams to purchase with confidence.
  • JobNimbus partnership:  This integration will provide customers access to live pricing and the ability to send material orders directly to their Beacon Roofing Supply location from the JobNimbus platform. Launching in Q1 FY19, this partnership combines the project management capabilities of JobNimbus and Beacon’s robust set of digital tools. 
  • Beacon Track: This functionality allows customers to track deliveries from their smartphone or computer. Launching in Q1 FY19, customers of Beacon Roofing Supply will be able to request text or email alerts when their project is scheduled or delivered.  Detailed pictures of the delivery will also be provided to validate that everything has arrived accurately and on time.

Learn more at www.beaconroofingsupply.com/BeaconPro.html.