GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Originally launched as a commercial roofing company two decades ago, NBS Roofing of Lockport, N.Y., has selected the Stinger CS150B to help transform their business.

NBS changed direction in 2013 to focus solely on the area's residential roofing needs. Serving Amherst, Orchard Park, Clarence, and surrounding areas, the region is annually besieged by harsh weather conditions ranging from brutally cold temperatures and heavy winter snow to the summer's intense heat and humidity. As a result, many of the homes based throughout the outskirts of Buffalo, N.Y. experience roofing damage that includes moisture accumulation, missing shingles, leaking and sagging at one point or another.

"The weather certainly wreaks havoc on area roofs. It's the number one problem, especially for roofs that are not installed properly," says Paul Burdukov, who shares company ownership with his father Alex Sr. and brother Alex Jr. "Between us, we have 40 years of roofing experience. Roof replacement, repairs, and restoration keep us busy year-round."

NBS is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

"Much of the damage is created by the buildup of snow or ice dams that cause ice melt to back up under shingles and soak wood roof decks leading to leaks, rot, and warping. In the summer, the intense heat literally bakes shingles making them crack and curl, while the water vapor from the humidity builds up on the roof over months to weaken shingles, ruin insulation and even cause mold problems."

Another challenge that formerly concerned Burdukov was the securing of underlayment.

"We often receive urgent calls regarding leaks and other types of water damage," explains Burdukov. "Those jobs are immediately covered with synthetic underlayment until we can schedule the time to finish the work. I've lost sleep over the thought of an edge peeling off in extreme winds. Our reputation is everything since most of our business is word of mouth."

After years of using a simple hammer tacker to apply underlayment, Burdukov began the search for a better option. He was immediately intrigued with Stinger’s CS150B cap stapler, introduced to him by a colleague. Noticeably light and easy to maneuver, Burdukov said he wanted to try the product as soon as he saw it.

The newly updated 18-gauge CS150B Cap Stapler, with the ability to shoot 200 caps and 200 staples before reloading in sizes ranging from 5/8" to 1-1/2". It was specifically designed to easily secure underlayment, roofing felt, foamboard and housewrap.

"Using the Stinger CS150B cap stapler gave me peace of mind that I never had before," adds Burdukov. "I never worry about the underlayment coming off even during the harshest winter conditions. I can now staple and leave it for months if necessary without worrying. Plus, it's so well-balanced and easy to use. On most jobs, I start shingling 30 minutes after laying the underlayment. It works equally well on every type of roof, regardless of the pitch of material."

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