WILSONVILLE, Ore. — FLIR Systems Inc. has released the FLIR T1010 — a new addition to the T1K series of HD thermal imaging cameras.

The company says the latest model includes software upgrades that will make all T1K series cameras more responsive and intuitive to use. When combined with the features that define the T1K as FLIR’s flagship handheld camera - HD resolution, precision HDIR lenses, proprietary image processing solutions, and thoughtful, ergonomic design - the T1010 and T1020 can help users find problem areas faster, gather detailed, accurate temperature information, and streamline their workday.

The T1010 is a lower-cost entry point to the expert lineup of T1K cameras. It offers the same 1024 x 768 (786,432 pixels) HD detector as the T1020, which can be boosted to 3.1 Megapixels thanks to FLIR’s unique UltraMax image enhancement. Like all T1K cameras, the T1010 uses high-fidelity OSX Precision HDIR optics, which FLIR designed specifically to work with HD detectors for greater image clarity and measurement accuracy. The T1010 offers the same compact, reinforced design with a 120° rotating optical block, so users can scan targets at any angle while maintaining a comfortable position.

As FLIR releases the T1010, it is also upgrading the firmware for the entire T1K family. This latest version offers an updated graphical user interface (GUI) that’s as agile and responsive as a smartphone. New features include 1-Touch Level/Span, for improving image contrast, and customizable work folders to help streamline reporting. The latest firmware is integrated with all new T1010 and T1020 cameras, and also can be downloaded for free from FLIR customer support (http://flir.custhelp.com).

“The new GUI is a significant upgrade to what was already an industry-leading camera,” said Rickard Lindvall, General Manager of Instruments at FLIR. “By giving the T1K the feeling and responsiveness of a smart phone or tablet, we’re making it more accessible to new users. And it allows us to add on-screen tools that users really wanted, like 1-Touch Level/Span - which helps users fix the contrast on the target just by touching the screen.”

The T1010 is now available for purchase from select channel partners and directly from FLIR for $34,950. To learn more about all the T1K cameras, visit www.flir.com/t1k.