ORLANDO, Fla. — Several sources in the Orlando, Fla. area reported earlier this week that a crane loading shingles onto a house toppled over onto that very house, appearing to slice the top half of the dwelling in two.

WFTV, a local ABC affiliate, and WESH, an NBC affiliate, had stories about the incident. WESH also had surveillance video from a nearby residence that captured the event, albeit from a distance. The Orlando Fire Dept. also provided the public with photos of the incident before the fallen crane was moved.

Reporters for both stations said that a crane operated by Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging was delivering shingles for an unidentified supplier to a roofing job being done by Gold Key Roofing in the Baldwin Park area of Orlando.

One of the supports for the crane, however, appears to have been placed on a small grassy area that could not support the weight of the crane as the operator was attempting to move one of the loads of shingles to the roof.

Trevor Switzer, of Gold Key Roofing, said that the shingles had to be loaded via crane because there wasn’t any room around the house for any machinery, including a conveyor truck.

After the crane had fallen, it took two other cranes several hours to move the original one.

No one was injured in the incident.