NASHUA, N,H. — Extech Instruments has announced the launch of two compact light meters making quality measurements of visible and ultraviolet light more convenient and accessible.

The LT505 is a wide-range, general-use light meter while the UV505 meter measures ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the UVA and B ranges. Unlike comparable meters, the new 505 meters can be stored practically anywhere, measuring 5.3-inches tall and 1.9-inches wide (133x48mm).

Both meters feature an easy-to-read backlit display showing readings and the selected unit. Useful data functions include data hold, as well as minimum and maximum readings on the LT505. A zero function allows the user to quickly reset the meter to zero or calibrate the meter (LT505). Both meters offer auto-power-off to preserve battery life. A tripod mount lets users set up the meter with consistent placement to avoid variability in routine measurements (using an optional tripod).

The new meters are backed by a one-year warranty and come with two AAA batteries and a storage pouch.

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