Eugene, Oregon, March 20, 2018 – Acme Cone Company, the leading manufacturer of prefabricated custom and standard single-ply flashings, announced that it has moved its administrative and manufacturing operations to a new, larger location to accommodate the growing demand for their products.

“The new building has the space we need to invest in machinery and create a lean flow that will allow us to continue to meet the product demand while also gaining efficiencies in our operations,” stated Acme Cone Company CFO Tim Luck.

The company designed the floor plan to optimize space that will deliver twice the manufacturing capability over what they had in their previous location. Inventory space has also been increased to allow for the storage of products in a precise, climate-controlled environment.

“With the increasing labor shortage in the roofing industry, contractors are looking for solutions that can allow them to work smarter and faster with the same number of crews, and our prefabricated flashings do just that,” explained Luck. “We’ve been seeing increased demand year over year and knew that to continue to deliver the highest quality possible, it was time to expand into a larger, more efficient facility.”

The new headquarters is located at 495 Seneca Road, Eugene, OR 97402.