generalRoofing has moved its corporate headquarters to Aurora, Colo. from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

AURORA, Colo.-generalRoofinghas moved its corporate headquarters to Aurora, Colo. from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. It is housed in the same building as Republic Financial Corp., generalRoofing's financial and business partner.

In May 2004, Republic Financial, through one of its subsidiaries, purchased generalRoofing. This provided the company the opportunity to reorganize and appoint a new management team. Bartley E. Roggensack, president and chief executive officer, leads the management team. Roggensack has 40 years experience in the construction industry, most recently serving as the senior operating officer for the Johns Manville Roofing Systems Group.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for generalRoofing's employees, customers and partners," says Roggensack. "Republic Financial has committed the financial and management resources to allow generalRoofing to continue to provide the quality of service for which it is known and at the same time, provide the financial foundation for sustainable growth in the future."

Recently, generalRoofing consolidated its operations and reduced corporate overhead in order to allow its high-performing offices to become more profitable. The consolidated company now has 19 operating locations in 13 states. It recently formed a surety program with Arch Capital of Philadelphia.

"With our new structure, management team and the talented professionals in the field, we can continue to provide a broad product offering with expertise in all roofing systems and service that is second to none,"

Roggensack says.