PITTSBURGH — Cuddy Roofing Company Inc., a Scalo-owned company, recently earned the single-largest contract in its 26-year history. The awarded project, the roof replacement at the historic Allegheny County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh, began phase one in December, and is valued at about $10 million, according to a news release. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

"This project is a challenge,” said Chaz McNulty, president of Cuddy Roofing. “The tiles are 130 years old and its smack in the middle of downtown and we have little to no access."

"It's a once in a lifetime career opportunity," he continued. "The biggest thing is we have to work safe and be smart while protecting a historic landmark."

The Allegheny County Courthouse has a height of 100 feet from the ground to the gutter, and another 60 feet from the gutter to the roof peak, sloping at a 60 degree angle. Cuddy Roofing will have no ground access during the week, so all materials will need to be preloaded and offloaded during the weekend. The project features 130-year-old tiles with a significant quantity of new tiles requiring custom manufacturing by Ludowici Tile Co. Not only is it the largest project Cuddy Roofing has ever been awarded, but it is also the most expensive roof per square ever performed due to its complexity and unique design.

Cuddy Roofing will use a selection of trade partners to help complete the project such as roofing, sheetmetal, masonry, lighting protection, scaffolding, and structural steel. Learn more at http://www.cuddyroofing.com.