SOPREMA, Inc., announces the launch of COLPLY® EF for ribbon application. The moisture cured, solvent free, polymeric adhesive is applied in ribbons to allow for the venting of vapor pressure and the migration of trapped moisture from light-weight insulating concrete.

COLPLY EF for ribbon application is packaged in cartridges, which allows for easy application. COLPLY EF is low odor and requires no hot torching, making it ideal for many applications with odor and heat restrictions, such as schools, hospitals and apartments.

COLPLY EF can be applied by loading 5-gallon pails into a gravity fed applicator, or by using the new cartridge packaging for use in the same battery powered applicator or multi-bead applicator commonly used for DUOTACK® products. It meets FM, UL, FBC, Miami-Dade and South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations.

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