Tesla made a big media splash last year by announcing its acquisition of SolarCity for roughly $2 billion, and the related unveiling of its so-called solar shingle. While CEO Elon Musk touted cost savings and the promise of creating an aesthetically pleasing roof that ultimately saved homeowners money while reducing their environmental footprint, certain specifics on pricing and technology largely remain a mystery. Production and installation won’t happen until 2018, giving others an opportunity to test the market with their latest solar innovations.  

Ft. Lauderdale-based 3 in 1 Roofing is taking advantage of the opportunity by directly taking on Tesla’s claims of cost and energy efficiency. Using Tesla’s own cost calculator available on its website, 3 in 1 Roofing officials estimate their cost per square foot for a reroof is roughly $11 less than Tesla’s, according to a news release.

PACE funding has approved financing for 3 in 1 Roofs for up $20 a square foot, with no money down from the consumer. When one considers the "Reduce before Produce" mantra, a fully purchased and installed 3 in 1 Roof is 100% fundable under the PACE program, while delivering kilowatts needed to power the entire house.

3 in 1 Roof reroof solution includes removal of old roofing, installing all substrates, and then applying its own tile product.

Traditional cement tile and metal tile solar solutions have about a $5.10/watt DC, installed price-point, including all non-solar roofing materials needed to re-roof the structure. However, these solar modules are not integrated directly into those tiles, but are merely adjacent, resulting in questionable curb-appeal and a tax subsidy recovery on only the solar. 

Visit www.3in1roof.com for more information.