Rodenhouse, Inc. of Grand Rapids, Mich. recently announced its acquisition by Altenloh, Brinck, & Co. U.S., Inc., (ABC, U.S. formerly Trufast Corporation) of Bryan, Ohio.  The acquisition, effective Aug. 1, is a strategic fit for two industry leading manufacturers of building envelope fastening solutions.

Rodenhouse Inc. manufacturers and distributes washers, fasteners, and tools to attach various building envelope components including rigid continuous insulation, building wrap, and lath for adhered masonry.  Energy codes across North America are demanding the use of high performance air barriers and continuous insulation to increase the effective energy performance of the building envelope.  Furthermore, the increasing complexity of wall and roof assemblies is driving the commercial and residential construction industry towards systemization of highly specified, tested, and code compliant solutions.

"Rodenhouse Inc. has been very fortunate to partner with the leading manufacturers of insulation, air barriers, and lath to provide premium and systemized fastening solutions that ensure long term performance" says Jason Wigboldy, director of business and product development. Bob Rodenhouse, president and founder said, "Since our beginning in 1993 our core focus has been to understand the specific challenges faced by our customers and to develop unique and patented solutions for efficient construction. We have worked with ABC, U.S. and their Trufast brand of fasteners for over 20 years and are very excited to expand our collective product lines to fulfill our customer's needs".  Thermal-Grip®, Plasti-Grip®, and Grip-Plate® are commonly specified Rodenhouse brands and proudly Made in America.   

Pete Garrigus of ABC U.S. said, "To acquire a well-managed and growing company like Rodenhouse that shares our corporate philosophy, our growth goals, and provides the perfect complement to our existing product offerings is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Their solutions will broaden our reach from the roof, down the side walls, and to the foundation to provide a full line of fasteners that address the growing demand for energy and labor efficient building envelope fastening solutions." 

Manufacturing, sales, and distribution along with the entire staff of Rodenhouse Inc. will remain in Grand Rapids. Mitch Mahler, general manager of Rodenhouse said, "Our staff is young, enthusiastic, and thrives on assisting customers with our technical expertise.  We are all excited to enter this new chapter with ABC, U.S. while continuing to build on Bob's founding principles and legacy." 

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