The Country Club at Castle Pines is recognized as a first-class destination for golf enthusiasts all over the world. Situated 30 minutes south of bustling downtown Denver, the facility is a golfer’s paradise boasting a Jack Nicklaus signature designed course and luxury clubhouse set within the prestigious Castle Pines community amidst the rugged, picturesque mountain terrain Colorado is celebrated for.

Established in 1986, the Clubhouse at Castle Pines features mountain-inspired architecture and grand ceiling heights. Having undergone a $5 million renovation, the Clubhouse has been fully reinvigorated to ensure it maintains its glory for years to come. Luxe wood adorns the ceilings and furnishings while natural light fills the space. Commanding windows naturally draw attention to unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding range and the signature Castle Pines golf course. Jack Nicklaus “The Golden Bear”, one of the game’s all-time greats, said of the course, “A person can play The Country Club at Castle Pines and feel he’s had a great time no matter what his score, simply because of the views.”

Maintaining a facility of this stature, however, is never an endeavor of pure aesthetics alone. Following the major Clubhouse renovation, the leadership behind Castle Pines realized the facility was also in need of a new roof. While the interior overhaul and new outdoor dining terrace were both complete and well received, management wanted to make sure the treasured Clubhouse could withstand the elements and that it was safe for members and visitors.

The original wood shake roof was nearing the end of its life and not the safest roofing material considering regional weather patterns and fire hazards. Denver-based Eco Roof and Solar, the highly reputable local roofing contractor, was called in to lead the large-scale re-roof project. The team reviewed suitable roofing material options, ruling out any that failed to help protect against fire and the powerful wind and hail storms in Colorado, as well as any others that couldn’t also pass their strict aesthetics standards.

“We knew that over the past seven years, this region has been hit annually by significant hail storms and that fire is always a risk here,” said Houston Moore, commercial project manager with Eco Roof and Solar. “We also knew that high quality tile roofing can withstand both and is prevalent on the wonderful homes that surround this golf facility. We ultimately chose to honor that legacy and look.”

The team selected Boral Roofing’s Class 4 hail rated concrete tile, in large part because of its durability in the face of major storms and hail as well as its resistance to embers. “We also selected it because it’s a beautiful material that matches the style and class of this renowned facility and community.”

The final color and product profile selection was Western Trail in Boral’s Saxony Slate Impact Tile which now adorns the Clubhouse. The hue of the tile complements both the design of the structure and the natural surroundings, creating a seamless bridge between the two.

“Boral Roofing is tried and true and that’s why we selected their tile for this special place,” added Moore. “And as an added bonus, the roof is energy efficient which will enhance energy savings for years to come.”

The new sustainable roof tile featured on the Clubhouse at Castle Pines is manufactured in Colorado using locally sourced, naturally occurring geologic materials.

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