The Stinger CN100 pneumatic cap nailing tool by National Nail is ideal for securing products such as roofing underlayments and housewrap, while doing it better, faster, and safer.  The combination of a 1” ring shank, electro-galvanized nail with a 1” plastic cap not only greatly reduces the chance of moisture penetration through the fastener area by sealing tight against the surface, it also provides security against wind uplift, tearing under foot on steep slope roofs, and still meets or exceeds product warranties and codes for synthetic underlayments and housewraps.  The speed of the CN100 is unmatched, which reduces the amount of time and labor needed to get the building envelope secured.

The CN100 weighs only 4.9lbs, shoots up to 3 nails per second, and has a tool free depth adjustment.  In a 2000 count NailPac® carton, there are 200 nails and caps per load which allows for reloading at the same time. One 2,000 count carton of NailPac® will do approximately 20-25 square, based on manufacturer’s required fastening pattern. 

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