FREMONT, Calif. — PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, a privately-held roofing and solar company, has announced the expansion of its solar division in Nevada in response to the newly reinstated energy policy signed into effect last week by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. With this expansion, PetersenDean expects to hire at least 50 new employees and pursue 1,200 new projects annually, valued at over $30 million.

The new Assembly Bill 405 returns net metering to Nevada residents making residential solar viable again. After the policy changes in 2015 virtually ended net metering programs, these recent changes allow homeowners to purchase solar and return to the existing rate classes of all other consumers. Once again, they will be protected from discriminatory rates, charges, and fees. Provisions of the bill also establish stronger warranties and disclosure policies that are designed to protect consumers.

While other solar companies have recently announced their return to Nevada, the PetersenDean team has experience in the Nevada new construction market dating back to 1965. The firm is the second largest roofer in the state and retains about 35 percent of all new construction market share.

The new policy, which goes into effect immediately, means that customers with solar will get approximately 95 percent of the retail value of excess solar-produced electricity sent to the grid when it’s sold back to utilities. This will bottom out at 75 percent. Additionally, the amended legislation allows homeowners to “shave” electricity from the most expensive tiers off their bills first.

“This new policy is a testament to the support of renewable energy and rooftop solar in Nevada and will maintain the future stability of electric supply. PetersenDean has embraced the Nevada market for many years and will continue to provide its customers with solar and incentives while enhancing the state’s economic development with dozens of skilled and high-paying new jobs,” said Jim Petersen, President and CEO of PetersenDean Roofing & Solar.

This expansion helps meet two important goals for PetersenDean, which installs about 2,000 solar and roof systems each month nationally: Providing PetersenDean customers with intelligently managed energy storage, and using products assembled in the U.S.

"We made a decision years ago to offer consumers the best products at the best price and to never offer a PPA or lease option when consumers are considering solar panels for their source of low-cost, clean and reliable energy. I am delighted to see Nevada do the right thing when it comes to solar energy,” said Petersen.

PetersenDean is the nation's largest privately held solar and roofing company and known for its advanced solar system technology and its American-made solar and roofing products. Solar4America is PetersenDean's initiative to support American jobs, manufacturing and energy independence by sourcing solar panels and all system components from domestic producers. PetersenDean solar system includes Buy-American-Act-compliant panels, inverters and racking installed by the construction company's U.S. workforce.

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