Production of SPRAY-SOK protective head coverings has continued uninterrupted following Bon's acquisition of the operating assets of the California based company last summer. Manufacturing is now in full swing at Bon's Pennsylvania headquarters, where personnel is busy stitching to meet the demand for SPRAY SOK products.

The hood-type safety gear is popular for multiple professional construction, landscape and DIY applications to protect the head and face from flying debris, dust, paint and other materials. The flexible fit of SPRAY-SOK head gear can be positioned to leave most of the face exposed, or to cover all except the eyes with no restriction of peripheral vision.

The original Spray-Sok and longer chest length Hood-Sok are made of an all-cotton, open mesh fabric that absorbs moisture and allows skin to breath for maximum cooling and comfort. Hood-Soks made of a flame resistant NOMEX fabric and permanently dyed S.W.A.T. fabrics are also available.

Bon Tool Co. is the exclusive manufacturer rights of SPRAY-SOK items. The manufacture of the SPRAY-SOK products has continued while maintaining the original specifications, trusted quality and established SPRAY-SOK brand name. 

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