GacoFlex S20 Solvent-Free 100 percent Silicone has received NSF P151 Certification of Rainwater Catchment Components. 

With water quality and quantity concerns on the rise across the US and around the world, local codes use NSF P151 as a requirement for rainwater catchment to allow the water to be used for potable water or landscape uses. Local plumbing code officials should always be consulted for current potable water requirements.
With NSF P151 certification, roofs coated with GacoFlex S20 Silicone meet the safety criteria for rainwater catchment. In addition, if you want to store this valuable resource in a concrete or metal tank, GacoFlex LM60 liquid applied polyurethane membrane meets NSF 61 requirements for potable water storage. 

Gaco Western is now able to offer a complete system for safe rainwater catchment.
Mark Fortney, Gaco's director of building science, is more than pleased with NSF certifications. "Gaco is always working to provide products that are safe and effective. It is great to know that even if you are not designing a roof for water catchment - the water coming off the roof will meet this highest standard for environmental stewardship."  

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