WOODLAND, Wash. — FlashCo announced the acquisition of All Fab, maker of the patent-pending Easy Flapper and a variety of TPO and PVC pipe and vent flashings. FlashCo completed the acquisition on April, 27, 2017 and is currently working with all of All Fab’s customers in their transition to FlashCo. 

“We are very excited to add All Fab products to our Northwest and nationwide operations,” says FlashCo President, Greg Morrow. “We have known Roger and Melissa Allestad for many years and we have a tremendous amount of respect for their innovative designs and ability to develop clever parts.” 

All Fab began operations in 2011, starting in a basement shop and growing to over 15 products including cones, breather vents, scuppers and corners. In 2015, All Fab product designer Roger Allestad developed the Easy Flapper to solve a common HVAC issue on flat roofs. The Easy Flapper is an exhaust vent for commercial and residential roofs that prevents backdrafts and similar issues for dryers, bathrooms and kitchen hoods. The Easy Flapper is easy to install, easy to maintain and allows simpler application designs. In addition, the Easy Flapper has several patents pending. 

“Melissa and I are excited to have this opportunity with FlashCo,” says Mr. Allestad. “I will be returning full-time to Loberg Roofing and it gives me the chance to do what I really enjoy, developing new and innovative products. It has been a blast building a local accessories company, but FlashCo has the national reach to really develop and grow the market, especially for the Easy Flapper. FlashCo is the right company to take it forward.” 

Melissa Allestad has been a key driver in developing a loyal customer base for All Fab in the Northwest. Ms. Allestad will be working closely with FlashCo Regional Sales Manager, Rick Morrow and his team to help customers transition to FlashCo. Over the next several weeks FlashCo and all Fab will be visiting customers together. 

“It’s a really natural fit,” says Mr. Morrow. “Both companies are dedicated to saving the contractor time and All Fab, just like FlashCo, has focused on customer satisfaction. We are confident that All Fab’s customers will appreciate FlashCo’s service level and capabilities with our Washington plant, and the ability to deliver most orders is one to three days.” 

“For us it’s a little bittersweet,” says Mr Allestad. “We have a great hardworking team and we enjoyed growing the company, but the opportunity with Loberg is really too good to pass up. We are fortunate to be able to transition All Fab to FlashCo who can take the products to the next level. Plus, we will continue to consult with FlashCo on product development.” 

The full transition of All Fab customers to FlashCo will be completed by the end of May. 

For more information, visit flashcomfg.com