SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – ​HOVER​, the platform that transforms smartphone photos of a home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model, introduced two new features that will change the way contractors, insurance carriers and adjusters do business.  

HOVER Connect​ allows professionals to take advantage of the full power of HOVER without setting foot on a property. With this feature, contractors can invite the homeowner to download the app and take 8 photos of their home. The contractor then automatically receives an interactive 3D model of the home with up-to-date exterior measurements. The homeowner also receives a customizable 3D model with design features. This will help them visualize their exterior remodeling project, using the products and materials preferred by the contractor.  

Contractors are not the only professionals who can take advantage of HOVER Connect. By allowing homeowners to capture photos of their home, insurance carriers and adjusters can provide better estimates remotely and desk adjust more claims with up-to-date property measurements. 

“We’re seeing HOVER make a dramatic impact on the way these industries do business,” says A.J. Altman, CEO and founder of HOVER. “The home improvement and insurance industries primarily operate by sending someone on-site to manually measure a house before they can discuss a project, provide an estimate, or adjust a claim. By allowing the homeowner to take a few photos of their home with HOVER, contractors and insurance carriers can receive all the measurements they need remotely. For homeowners, HOVER Connect speeds up the claims process and gets exterior projects done quicker. Everyone wins.”  

HOVER also launched another feature called ​HOVER Prospect​ to help professionals get the most out of their entire organization. This feature allows organizations to set up field accounts that can capture an unlimited number of properties and store them in their account. The administrators or decision makers of the account can then review and approve the photos coming in from the field before submitting them for processing. That way, contractors can order the 3D model and measurements for the leads that actually sit for an appointment, ensuring readiness prior to an in-person meeting.  

“Our goal with HOVER has always been to help contractors work more effectively so they can win more business,” said Derek Halliday, HOVER’s head of product. “HOVER Prospect lets organizations be more aggressive about how they run their lead prospecting activities without taking a hit to their bottom line for those that don't pan out. Whether it's a small team of 5 or a multi-regional player with a massive canvassing operation, the organization's decision makers can maintain control over the sales process and use HOVER to convert even more qualified leads. ” 

Both features are now available in HOVER’s new ​Professional plan​. 

You can download the HOVER app for free from ​iTunes​ or ​Google Play​.

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