Global cleaning manufacturer Kärcher North America announced a new line of electric pressure washers designed to meet consumer demand for an affordable, easy-to-use product that lives up to its cleaning power claim.

The new Kärcher line — including the K1700, K1800, K1900 and K2000 electric pressure washer models — will deliver unparalleled cleaning performance in a convenient, streamlined design.

Hundreds of thousands of pressure washers are sold annually in the U.S. to consumers who often make their purchasing decisions based largely upon advertised PSI (pounds-per-square-inch). A higher PSI can make cleaning jobs quicker and easier. However, advertised PSI does not always equate to actual pressure washer power.

New independent lab tests reveal Kärcher‘s new line of electric pressure washers with TruPressure™ far outperforms competitor models. The test results conclude the competitor models deliver 20-30 percent less actual cleaning power than promised — including those claiming as much as 2,030 PSI. 

Customer-Driven Design

Kärcher’s new line of electric pressure washers will deliver more than just its promised TruPressure PSI. The entire line of washers was created in direct response to the needs of consumers; research found that Americans seeking to purchase a pressure washer for under $250 ranked ease of set-up and ease of use as their top priorities, followed by ease of storage, price and warranty.

To meet consumer demand, Kärcher’s innovative new washers make set-up easier than ever, ready for use in five minutes or less with no tools necessary. The new electric pressure washers are also simple to use thanks to a convenient on/off foot pedal switch and a tall folding handle that makes it more comfortable to push and simpler to store in a garage or shed.

“Creating innovative products that make it easier for consumers to clean their homes is at the core of our company’s history,” said Andy Telatnik, senior product marketing manager, Kärcher North America. “The design of Kärcher’s new electric pressure washers was directly driven by demand for a more affordable, convenient and reliable pressure washer to make homeowners’ driveways, sidewalks, yards, house siding, and car exteriors the cleanest on the block.”

With an industry-leading three year warranty and models ranging in price from $139-$239 MSRP, additional user-friendly features of the new electric pressure washers include:

  • Turbo nozzle with maximum cleaning power, perfect for stubborn, hard-to-clean areas
  • An ergonomic cord holder that winds at a high level near the handle to reduce awkward bending
  • A large, removable accessory bin to ensure hoses, trigger guns and other accessories are nearby
  • Oversize sturdy wheels that can handle rolling over any surface
  • Compatible with industry-standard pressure washer hoses and accessories

The Kärcher K1700, K1800, K1900 and K2000 Electric Pressure Washers are now available for purchase at, and other leading retailers.

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