While natural wood shake roofs impart tremendous classical charm to any home, they can present many challenges with costly upkeep and annual maintenance, leaving them out of budget for many homeowners.

As a cost-effective alternative to traditional cedar shakes — that also rivals their beauty — IKO offers a low-maintenance, easy-to-install asphalt roofing solution: IKO Armourshake™ premium shingles.

Dimensional Wood Shake Look

Premium roofing shingles are continuing to gain popularity with homeowners and roofing professionals for many reasons, namely for their beauty, durability and affordability compared with traditional wood shakes.

Manufactured with advanced color-blending technology and distinctive cuts for dramatic shadows, Armourshake premium shingles feature a dimensional profile with a contoured, luxurious design. The Armourshake shingles’ intricate profile also rivals the look and appeal of traditional hand-hewn, random-cut cedar shakes without the added upkeep and expense for homeowners or time-consuming installation for contractors.

“While their detailed design might make you think otherwise, IKO Armourshake shingles are one of the easiest premium shingles to install,” said Mark Okland, product development manager, IKO North America. “Natural wood shakes have to be fastened individually, but our Armourshake roofing shingles mimic the same look in an easy-to-install asphalt shingle design — creating exceptional curb appeal while also helping to cut down on the cost of materials and labor.”

Also, with cedar and other woods used to construct natural wood shakes, the finished look may take a few years to fully develop, and the results do not always meet expectations. However, with Armourshake shingles, homeowners can instantly choose the weathered shake look they desire in one of five rich color blends, including Chalet Wood, Greystone, Shadow Black, Western Redwood and Weathered Stone.

Aside from their beauty, the premium residential roofing shingles also offer superior weather resistance thanks to their heavyweight construction.
And, unlike real wood shakes that are highly flammable, Armourshake shingles have also earned the industry’s highest Class A Fire Resistance rating tested against ASTM E108 (by FM). Plus, they better resist the type of fading, warping and breakage that can occur over time with natural wood shake shingles.

Premium Accessories for a Perfect Finishing Touch

When installing a premium designer shingle, it is ideal to pair it with a premium ridge cap shingle to complete the look in both aesthetic and performance qualities. High-end hip and ridge cap shingles also help to enhance a home’s curb appeal by accentuating its roofline and rakes with a dimensional high-profile and textured look. 

The newest addition to the IKO PRO4™ roofing component system, IKO’s Ultra HP® High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles have been designed to complement the aesthetics and performance attributes of IKO’s premium shingle offerings, including IKO Armourshake, as well as IKO Crowne Slate™ and IKO Royal Estate™ shingles. And they are easy to install thanks to their pre-formed, rolled design, which features a curved edge that doesn’t require additional cutting or folding on the roof.

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