DENVER – B&M Roofing, a Colorado-owned company, will mark 70 years of dedicated service to Front Range residential and commercial clients starting this month. 

Since 1947, B&M Roofing has put its commitment to excellence at the forefront of every project it handles. As a founding member of the Roofing Alliance for Progress and one of the industry’s largest advocates for on-site safety, B&M Roofing has made it a priority to steer the industry. From major commercial projects such as the Denver Coliseum and Coors field to residential construction and emergency repair, every job receives the company’s premier touch. 

“We’ve been very fortunate to be able to balance our long-range vision against successful commercial and residential divisions,” Brad Taylor, vice president said. “Everything works together to allow us to provide every customer, even homeowners, the benefit of our experience.” 

Founded in Fort Collins in 1947 as a single-truck operation, B&M Roofing has grown to provide service to thousands of customers a year. Emphasizing customer service and safety on every project, B&M Roofing understands its 70-year tradition of excellence was built one roof at a time, and strives to continue to build on that tradition with every project it completes in 2017.