WOODBURY, Minn. – Woodbury based NEMEON, Inc., America’s largest cooperative of Independent Roofing and Siding Distributors, named the Preferred Vendors of the Year at their Annual Meeting held in Palm Springs, Calif.  Two Vendors are traditionally selected; this year CertainTeed Roofing and Polyglass USA were chosen as Vendor of the Year. These vendors are exceptional supporters of the cooperative. They provide support and participate in the value added programs offered to our members including: LionGuard University, digital signage, and EDI. They communicate on a regular basis and continue to support the independent distributor year after year by providing top-notch customer service.  

President and CEO, Dave O’Donnell said, “CertainTeed Roofing was honored this year because they consistently demonstrate their willingness to create partnerships and do whatever they can in support of their customers. “  

“Polyglass USA has quality products, laser focus, and has worked hard to gain a lot of new business over the last few years. Their attention to detail and responsiveness to changes in the market has caught the eye of many NEMEON members. Their level of support is greatly appreciated by the cooperative,” said O’Donnell.   

The NEMEON Chairman’s Award recognizes a preferred vendor who has consistently upheld the values of NEMEON and its independent distributors. This award is not given out annually, but only when a preferred vendor consistently goes above and beyond in support of the NEMEON organization.

“TAMKO Building Products has earned this prestigious award by their actions over the past several years as they have worked closely with the NEMEON team to support the many initiatives that the organization is working on,” said O’Donnell. 

For more information, visit www.nemeon.com.