SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Seek Thermal™ announced the expansion of the company’s new line of high performance, affordable, infrared thermal imaging cameras designed for the experts in commercial building and trades with the introduction of the RevealPRO. Seek Thermal’s most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet, the RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor, intuitive software, and a powerful 300-lumen LED light into one highly durable, handheld, and easy to use device. Offering adjustable thermal span and level, full frame thermography imaging 76,800 pixels, the RevealPRO breaks new barriers by offering high-resolution fastframe thermal imaging and software capabilities at an affordable price of $699.00 USD.
Seek’s Pro Series cameras, which includes the new RevealPRO and previously announced CompactPRO, deliver high performance thermal resolution at an ergonomic and portable size to assist commercial trades professionals in getting a full look at the problem in the fastest time possible. Seek’s PRO series is also full featured and affordable, making it easier to be more productive in one’s daily job than ever before. 
Key features for the RevealPRO include:
•      320x240 thermal sensor array for maximum image clarity, delivering 76,800 pixels of vivid thermal resolution.
•      Ruggedized 2.4” color display featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection.
•      Portable in size with easily accessible buttons to access interface with gloved hands.
•      FastFrame rate to enhance near real-time thermal imaging.
•      Fixed focus system – and minimum focus distance of 15cm (6 inches).
•      Wide, 32° field of view with 4x digital zoom functionality to easily scan a large area and identify potential hazards in seconds.
•      Temperature measurement accuracy of +/-5C or 5% (at 25C nominal, whichever is greater).
•      Thermal temperature measurement range between -40° to 330°C. 
•      More than 4 hours continuous battery running time in normal mode (rechargeable by USB).
•      300-lumen LED flashlight at the touch of a button.
•      Variable temperature reporting in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.
•      In-imager memory storage of 4 gigabytes, transferrable images by USB.
New key software features include:
Adjustable Thermal Level and Span – Manually set and lock a temperature range to display the maximum thermal information of any object or scene with a set point and range.
On-screen Emissivity Control – Calibrate for emissivity through pre-defined settings made easy, compensate for various surface materials, ensuring accurate readings and reporting, regardless of surface type.
Nine Standard and High Contrast Color Palettes – Enhanced palette options are available to Seek device owners.  From standard grayscale to prism high contrast, RevealPRO provides the visual capabilities necessary to help users easily examine and understand thermal imagery across applications during and post inspection.
Full-Frame Mapping of Temperature Distribution – Displays all temperature data for maximum clarity and resolution.
Multiple User Modes – Normal, Spot temperature and Level & Span included. 
The Seek RevealPRO sells for an MSRP of $699.00 USD and will be available through authorized distribution channels in North American, EMEA markets and APAC markets. 
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