GOLETA, Calif. — A new innovation in full-body harnesses is available for work-at-height professionals that require fall protection. The Freedom Harness™, developed by CMC and Roco, is a figure-8 style fall protection harness that integrates a patent-pending SwitchPoint System™ for improving the comfort and mobility of a suspended worker in a post-fall scenario. The system provides a unique release mechanism that allows the user to safely and easily transfer their body weight from the dorsal connector to the front waist of the harness to reorient their position while hanging. This repositioning aids the wearer by allowing increased freedom of movement. The additional mobility may help delay the onset of orthostatic intolerance, also referred to as suspension trauma, to a fallen and suspended worker while awaiting rescue. 
Comfortable harness design for extended wear
Easy and intuitive to activate the transfer release handle  
Secure quick-connect buckles are fast to connect and simple to adjust
Contrasting thread colors aid in inspection
Integrated Fall-Arrest Indicator 
Corrosion-resistant hardware
Made in the USA 
ANSI Z359.11 weight range for users: 130 lb (59 kg) – 310 lb (140 kg)
For more information, visit www.cmcrescue.com/freedom-harness.