CLEVELAND - With franchise locations continuing to open across the country, USA Insulation needed its own manufacturing facility to meet increasing demand. The decision to build this facility in Cleveland, Ohio was an easy one – it's where the company is headquartered and also allows USA Insulation to stay true to its commitment of keeping all products American-made.
As companies continue to move operations overseas – according to Economic Policy Institute, more than 2.4 million American manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas since 2001 – it makes it even more important for companies like USA Insulation to create job opportunities here in the United States. And, it's a strategy that appears to be working. USA Insulation has expanded significantly since it was founded in 1985. Beginning with one location in Ohio, USA Insulation currently has franchises in 25 other markets across the country.   
"With over 50,000 homes insulated to date, our brand is now recognized as one of the premier residential retrofit insulation companies in America," said Patrick Pitrone, president of USA Insulation Franchise Corporation. "USA Insulation's proprietary injection foam has been used in the sidewalls of new and existing homes for over 30 years and boasts some of the highest R-ratings in the insulation industry." 
USA Insulation's premium injection foam works for individuals with brick, stucco, wood or sided homes. It can typically be installed in a day or two with little visible signs. Other options, such as loose fill products, have a tendency to settle and create moisture issues over time, which means the insulation needs to be redone every few years. 
USA Insulation's people and products are held to very high standards. The company's corporate and franchise employees are factory-trained and certified and the insulation itself is created under close inspection. 
"From the very beginning, USA Insulation has focused on hiring quality people, using American-made products and providing customers with year-round comfort and savings," Pitrone added. "With this type of dedication and attention to detail, it is likely there will be many more USA Insulation franchises opening in the coming years." 
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