More and more roofers have been taking up air conditioned shirts as a means to combat the heat of the day's work. Recent technology has allowed for compact fans to be placed inside of shirts, powered by a small battery in the pocket. 
Niel Bakers, a roofer from Philadelphia commented, "When I saw two of my guys come to work with fans in their jackets, at first I chuckled, but when I tried on the jacket myself, I was pleasantly surprised."
The specially designed, high powered fans circulate body heat out of the sleeves and collar, which lowers the temperature inside of the jacket and produces a cooling effect. Because the shirts are specifically designed for the average work shift, the battery lasts for 8.5 hours on the highest power setting, and over 40 hours on the lowest power setting. While the difference in the rate of heat stroke among users and nonusers of this technology is yet to be seen, it is likely that the implementation of air conditioned shirts in hot work environments is a trend that will continue into the future.
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