CLEVELAND, Ohio – Garland recently introduced a new quality assurance and communication program for its manufacturing operations at our Cleveland headquarters. GMAX, which stands for Garland Manufacturing Attention to Excellence, is a proactive program designed to provide more education to our manufacturing staff and open the lines of communication between key players in our product manufacturing process.

At its core, the concept is to keep all involved – from team members working on the production line to the management team – well informed with up-to-date information. The program also outlines a strategy for improving on safety, quality, inventory and efficiency. Each piece of the GMAX program was designed with one goal in mind: engage employees in a positive way that fosters personal ownership and a healthy team dynamic to maintain Garland’s high standards.

The GMAX program brings together many of the departments – manufacturing, product management, research, quality, and safety – that help make our products a success here in the factory as well as out in the field. One of the most exciting pieces of the program is the GMAX Command Center – a new room built in our manufacturing plant with product mock-ups, educational information about our products, and real-time information from our product management and quality teams.

Already, the new program has brought positive changes to the Cleveland operations. “Now that all of our team members know the goal and everyone is educated on the what and why of what we’re trying to accomplish, our quality assurance team went from just one department to the entire manufacturing team,” said Colin Downey, plant manager.

The GMAX program will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of a constantly changing business landscape while striving to always put our customers first. And we’re proud to offer this additional promise to our customers that, even after 120 years in business, our company’s focus is always on quality and improvement.

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