Lapolla Industries’ FOAM-LOK™ Spray Foam Roofing is a rigid, closed-cell, spray polyurethane foam that may be applied over most (new or retrofit) roofing substrates. As the name implies, FOAM-LOK™ locks every portion of the roof into place, creating a monolithic membrane, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners.

A sustainable roofing material offering a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications, FOAM-LOK™ seals the envelope and prevents heat transfer through the roof deck, minimizing the escape of conditioned air and dramatically reducing heating and cooling energy costs. Additional benefits include resistance to wind uplift, superb protection against water intrusion and low maintenance and life cycle costs.

“The commercialization of Lapolla's next generation spray foam roofing system now completes Lapolla's ability to address the entire building envelope, leading both the roofing and insulation sectors with next generation technology that eliminates ozone depletion and lowers global warming potential.” Doug Kramer, CEO of Lapolla Industries. For more information, visit