Expanding on what is already the largest product line in the industry,  Acudor Products is proud to announce the release of their 24" x 24" PA-3000 Plastic Access Door. With the addition of the 24" x 24", Acudor now carries nine different sizes of plastic access doors, more than any other manufacturer. In addition, Acudor is the only manufacturer that offers an 18", and now 24" plastic access door.
The PA-3000 Access Panel is designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings. Whether you are looking to gain access to pipes, valves, or electrical wiring, the PA-3000 is a simple and easy solution. The high impact styrene plastic with U.V. stabilizers will not fade or corrode over time. The door panel is completely removable from the frame and fits tightly with snap latches. The white finish, with textured exposed surfaces, can be left as is or painted to match the surrounding areas. The PA-3000 panel is easy to install, simply by applying caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and pressing into place.