Does your company’s website include a section on daylighting? If not, you may be missing out on one of the fastest growing trends in both commercial and residential roofing. Not only is daylighting increasingly recognized to be a solid investment, but you as a roofing contractor may be the best resource with the skill, connections and long-term presence needed to make the most of that investment. For a building designer or owner concerned about all of the ramifications of installing roof daylighting, you provide unmatched knowledge of the entire roofing system that helps ensure no unforeseen problems spoil an otherwise no-brainer investment. With so many roof system manufacturers now integrating daylighting equipment into their warranty coverage, the licensed roofing contractor is the logical choice to cover the entire daylighting sale. Since roofing contractors are the “go-to” source for annual inspections and emergency repairs, long-term daylighting maintenance can be integrated into annual roof service agreements effectively and economically.

If you need any more convincing how daylighting can fit into your current business plans, please consider the following:

  • There is a daylighting system for every roof. With the wide array of daylighting technologies available, including both conventional skylights and solar tubes, you can find a suitable and economical daylighting product for almost every roof regardless of roof slope or roof system type: low or steep slope; new construction or reroofing; commercial; or residential. So, no matter which segment of the roofing market your company specializes in, there are daylighting systems that offer attractive and affordable solutions for your customers.
  • Roofing contractors have unmatched access to daylighting customers. Every time you quote a reroof, every time you conduct a maintenance inspection, every time you respond to a leak call, you have the opportunity to size up the potential for daylighting and offer it as an additional service. So, who are your daylighting customers? Why, the ones you’re already doing business with!
  • Manufacturers need you as their daylighting partner. More and more roofing manufacturers are integrating daylighting into their warranty offerings, and they offer training and certification to help you become the daylighting expert in your market.
  • Daylighting design tools are easy to use and mostly free. Software can be downloaded at no charge and can be used not only to calculate the energy savings for lighting but also any trade-offs in heating and cooling costs.

I hope the brief information in this month’s column will spark your interest in the business potential of daylighting, and I hope the next time I conduct a web search for “roof daylighting,” I’ll find your company listed.