Sno Gem

Sno Gem Inc. recently introduced the Sno Barricade® TPO and PVC Membrane Deck Mount Bar snow-retention system. It’s the industry’s first-ever membrane-coated and pre-skirted continuous bar snow system (patent pending) for new construction or retrofit applications. The base plates are custom-coated in either TPO or PVC with a standard white, gray or black. Custom colors are available to match the roofing membrane. To ensure an easy installation, Sno Barricade Membrane-Coated Diamond Series System is available with a pre-skirted target patch, heat-welded directly to the TPO- or PVC-coated base plate. Installers can heat-weld Sno Gem’s target patch to the membrane of the roof, reducing labor cost on a watertight system. Sno Barricade Systems are available in 1- or 2-inch bar size with single, double or triple bar retention. Square or round bars are offered to best match a building’s aesthetics. The Sno Barricade Plate, an accessory to the system that prevents snow and ice from sliding under the bars, is available in mill finish or custom colors. For more information, visit