BOTHELL, Wash. — EagleView Technology Corporation has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Pictometry International Corp., delivered Canadian imagery via drones through its CONNECT platform. The research and testing were completed in collaboration with Avyon using its Microdrones MD4-1000 drone.

Video and still-photography footage captured during the testing shows the ability to not only obtain intelligent, geo-referenced imagery but also process and analyze the unmanned aircraft system (UAS)-captured imagery in Pictometry’s cloud-based viewing and analytical software, CONNECTExplorer. Video of the imagery and the resulting ability to extract data through CONNECT analytical tools can be viewed at

EagleView, parent company to Pictometry, has become an acknowledged leader in the use of UAS for various applications of remote sensing, including insurance, construction, utility and infrastructure inspection work. As founding members of the Property Drone Consortium, EagleView and Pictometry continue to work on many fronts and markets to obtain and provide research and development for key UAS processes and technologies. The ongoing goal is the use of UAS to capture intelligent imagery for property inspection.

Pictometry is continuing research experimentation in Canada as the company waits for final approvals for specific drone research exemptions in the United States. Federal Aviation Administration 333 exemptions are pending, which would allow the companies to continue the research of image capture, collision avoidance, image processing and overall imagery and data delivery for workflow integration.

“We are platform agnostic,” stated Chris Barrow, president and CEO of EagleView Technology Corporation. “Whether it is a drone, phone or airplane, we feel our core competency is camera and sensor systems, and the technologies of processing and delivering high-resolution, intelligent imagery that easily allows for the extraction of highly accurate data. We are focused on that and working with drone manufacturers such as Avyon to make it happen.”

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